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The Sony Conference Room.

One premium brand has finally brought it all together: SONY.

Sony offers products designed for virtually every videoconferencing situation, from full High-Definition conferencing to razor-sharp, fully-integrated Desktop solutions. Sony is the only manufacturer in the videoconferencing industry that can provide a complete, fully-integrated room system, using only Sony products that were designed to work together and look great together, as well.

Why would you take the chance of compatibility issues when you're making such a large technology investment?

Especially when you consider the fact that with Sony you not only get the reliability of one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, but you get it at a significantly lower price (in almost every case prices are 15-25% less).

A few more reasons the Sony solution is the smart choice:

  • Sony tests, fine tunes, and optimizes its videoconferencing products using other Sony products (plasmas, LCDs, cameras, computers, etc.), so you know that your equipment performs at its peak with other Sony products.

  • Every IR-based Sony videoconferencing room system comes with two infrared transmitters that are programmed for Sony Televisions (CRTs), LCDs and Plasmas. This is a big deal. It means when you receive a video call, the display powers on automatically, changes to the correct inputs, and is ready to go without you doing anything. Plus, when you power off the video codec, the display powers off automatically. Welcome to the world of Sony where you only need one remote!

  • Every Sony VAIO computer is manufactured with default settings that are optimized for connecting with the Data Solutions options (allowing you to show files, presentations, web browsers, and more during a video call). No need to change settings in your computer to use it on a video call — the Sony solution is ready right out of the box.

  • Sony LCDs and Plasmas come standard with the inputs you need to connect your video codec and Sony peripherals for the highest-quality picture. There's no need for adaptors or settling for image quality that is anything less than optimal.

Here's the bottom line: Sony is one of the largest, most reliable global technology companies in the world. When you choose Sony for your complete videoconferencing solution, you're choosing the highest-quality technology and the most sophisticated design.

Whether you're looking for a solution to cover three remote sites or 150 offices around the globe, Sony is the best choice for delivering the clear, reliable, and stylish visual communications you deserve and expect — the complete room-to-room solution.

We know that choosing the right videoconferencing system is an important, strategic decision for your organization, and we are committed to providing all of the information and perspective you need to make a "best fit" decision for your specific videoconferencing needs.

The way we do this begins with a brief no-cost, no-obligation conversation with you. Our friendly and knowledgeable account managers can walk you through this important decision-making process step by step.

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"In the past, driving to and from in-person meetings has been the first, preferred method for our deans to gather together, and changing such embedded habits is difficult. Fortunately, advances in videoconferencing technology have come along at this crucial moment. Being able to connect 'face-to-face' from your desktop with the ease of operating a telephone beats sitting in the car for endless hours. Adding desktop videoconferencing into our communications mix reduces our reliance on in-person meetings, but the benefits go beyond just travel time saved – it reduces stress and increases productivity, improving the quality of our work experience."
— Dr. Raphael J. Caprio, vice president for Continuous Education and Outreach, Rutgers University

"This solution is the most high-quality, reliable and cost-effective way for NFL Network to go live to any location at any time. The power and reliability of IP-based broadcasting proved its value during the work NFL Network during last year's training camps. Deploying the Sony solution is the natural next step and a great complement to our traditional broadcast tools."
— Peter Brickman, the NFL's senior director of broadcast operations and technology

"We have outreach around the world and we needed a better way to get people closer together. We needed to go beyond traditional phone conferencing. For us, relationships are everything – our relationship with God and with people. These Sony videoconferencing tools help us build a larger community. We connected immediately and the images and audio were just terrific over the Internet."
— Mike Gold, Willow Creek Community Church's CIO.

"Ongoing training is crucial for firefighters, but until now, it required taking personnel out of their stations to attend off-site sessions. With this videoconferencing system, we bring the training to the firefighters, making better use of everyone's time and resources. Firefighters can stay up-to-date on the latest information, while remaining in their houses and ready to respond to any situation at a moment's notice."
— Fred Hoegler, Deputy Fire Chief, Palatine Fire Department

"The Sony products we have are very beneficial for several applications, including use as a teaching tool so the fellows, residents and visiting physicians who come here to learn can view our procedures in the best quality image. The clarity is so much better. It gives us the higher resolution needed to better delineate between tissue and fat, for example. Everything is much clearer: the precision, the accuracy, how beautiful things are, how much more realistic everything looks…really powerful."
— Dr. Stephen Colvin, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, NYU

"With this Sony video conferencing technology, suddenly we're not talking about 'broadcast quality' – we're able to raise the bar for what defines a quality broadcast. The Sony products produce a great image that's terrific for full-screen interviews plus amazing audio quality so there's no compromise whatsoever in getting interviews. This is a perfect compliment to the Sony cameras we use for game coverage to produce the gorgeous pictures our viewers with HDTVs demand. What's really powerful is that Sony knows broadcast technology and video conferencing. A typical videoconferencing company simply would not understand the language we broadcasters use. Our NBA-TV producers love it and want to use it more and more."
— Steve Hellmuth, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technology, NBA Entertainment

"This real-time collaboration can lead to faster decision-making. The high-definition visual communications technology allows us to share detailed CT scans and pathology slides with physicians in other institutions. The implications for physicians' collaborative education are enormous…"
— Dr. Shyamali Singhal, Director of El Camino Hospital's Cancer Center

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